About Us

Growing up in the sleepy suburbs of Ottawa, Canada, my cousin Suraj and I (Deepak) found ourselves uninspired.

When we weren't playing sports, suffering through school, hanging out with friends, or under the influence - we had this itch to do more.

This often resulted in us meeting up at various coffee shops around the city. What would start with a simple cup of coffee would quickly shift into conversations about bigger picture ideas and visions.


These conversations included aspirations for business, travel, creative pursuits, and much more. We’d brainstorm what we wanted out of life and how to get there. You see, these coffee chats were the spark that led to the fire we needed to chase our respective ventures. It meant two brothers envisioning an extraordinary future.

When people ask us what Deep Drip means, it can simply be summed up in 2 words: BE OUTSTANDING..